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Here are some of my very favorite sites.  I’m actually updating this as I’m always finding great sites, and I’ll also be adding blogs.

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My Inspirations/Various Links
One of the things that has kept my interest in Tarot going for so long has been the incredible resources of tarot sites out there on the internet. They have engaged me, entertained me, and fed my soul. (Not to mention drained my pocketbook!)

The following sites are the ones I frequent the most, and they each have something unique to offer.

Tarot Passages This website, run by Diane Wilkes, must be one of the most comprehensive sites for tarot deck and book reviews out there. It’s been very quiet for a while, but she is has kept it up and open.  If you look around you will also find a section that features a monthly spread.

Aeclectic Tarot – This is the largest tarot forum that I’m aware of.  But even better, Solandia has hundreds, maybe even thousands of decks listed, complete with images.

Tarot Moon This website is run by Teresa Michelsen, author of the Llewellyn’s Designing Your Own Tarot Spreads and The Complete Tarot Reader. The best feature of her site is the wonderful library of articles that she’s written ranging from Tarot Philosophy, Tarot and Astrology, Original Tarot Spreads, and Resources for Readers.  This sight, and especially her Complete Tarot Reader,  is a MUST for tarot development.  She also has a wonderful section of her sample tarot readings with her own spread designs.

Learning the Tarot Joan Bunning’s site focuses on her course in learning tarot, which actually existed before her published book, Learning the Tarot.  Since then she has published Learning Tarot Reversals and Learning Tarot Spreads. But there is also a section on her website that gives a short synopsis of many tarot decks and card samples. They are not true tarot deck reviews but prove to be a valuable source of unbiased information.

Eva Tarot Eva Delattre provides free tarot readings through her website. The readings provide unique insights and are great for people looking to explore tarot readings.

Yes! An actual school where you can earn a degree in tarot studies. Ruth Ann and Wald Amberstone are co-founders of the Tarot School, and they offer invaluable tarot resources that they have amassed over their combined 70 years of experience. Anyone I’ve spoken with that has taken one of their courses cannot say enough good things about them! Ruth Ann and Wald have had two books published.  Llewellyn’s Tarot Tips: 78 Practical Techniques to Enhance Your Tarot Reading Skills is a combination of different articles/answers to tarot questions that they have published throughout the years via their email newsletter, and Weiser Books’ The Secret Language of Tarot explores the symbols found in the Rider Waite Smith Tarot in wonderful depth, including meditations and special spreads.
This is the largest tarot forum out there, and an incredible source of support and information from tarot enthusiasts all over the world. It is maintained by Solandia, and she does an amazing job of keeping this site so organized and fun to visit.
Tarot for Life – A very active group of wonderful people who all share their fondness for Tarot.  There is a monthly spread, daily reflections, tarot exercises, and lots of other Tarot fun.  You should check it out.  🙂   The link here takes you to the website, and toward the left is a link to the Forum.Comparative Tarot – Another terrific group that has many “Tarot Celebrities” as members, created by Valerie Sim-Behi and run by Teresa Michelsen. This Yahoo group, designed especially for the study and comparing of tarot art from different decks, maintains 1500 members and lots of daily activity. The topics are lighthearted and the people who respond are very supportive and accepting of all viewpoints. They post various exercises and topics for one card a month. Another great group!

American Tarot Association – This is the official organization for American tarot readers and enthusiasts who want to be part of an organization designed especially for them. View the site to see what it has to offer the tarot professional. Please note that they do NOT offer certification of tarot “degrees.”

This software has to be one of the most versatile packages out there for readers who would like a computerized way of performing, displaying, and storing their readings. This package does not have canned definitions built-in, so it’s not for beginners looking for a quick way to get a reading. It emulates a real deck of cards, and you can use any deck you would like; this program has the easiest loading feature for your favorite deck that I’ve ever used. Orphalese has an unlimited free trial period, but it is worth every penny of the nominal $28.50 fee for a Single Computer License. This is truly the best software out there for the money.

Shop, Shop til You Drop!
Now, this has been my greatest passion for the last 9 years… collecting tarot decks! Why? Well, because they’re beautiful and thought-provoking, and there are so many out there! And each artist has his/her own individual viewpoint of the cards. It’s really fascinating! Now, I have used, Amazon Marketplace, and Barnes & Noble quite a bit, but that’s a given. The links below specialize in tarot and just had to be mentioned.

The best place to buy your tarot decks! Jeannette Roth and Dan Pelletier have the most incredible and comprehensive collection of rare and international decks anywhere. You can also find the run-of-the-mill decks here, and often at lower than retail prices. I have always had perfect transactions with Tarot Garden; Jeannette is wonderful and very concerned about her customers. She always ships out quickly, and you always know exactly what you’re getting. A 5-Star Store!
A must for deck protection. I’ve visited many tarot bags and box sites, and I’ve used bags from various places. Betty Diamond’s bags are my preferred bags, my favorite style being the padded bags. She has an incredible selection and she will usually try to accommodate special color combinations and orders. Her prices are extremely reasonable, and the bags and spread clothes are worth every penny!



These are the top mass producers of tarot decks worldwide.

US Games Systems
– Truly, the world’s largest publisher of tarot decks. Visit the world’s best source for tarot decks at www.usgamesinc.comLlewellyn Worldwide Their website not only lists all their products but also offers informative articles and newsletters. They are the US distributor of Italy’s Lo Scarabeo decks.

Lo Scarabeo Although Llewellyn distributes their decks in the US, Lo Scarabeo has its own website that gives a list of available decks.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to have been updated in quite a while.


Last Updated:   24/Jul/2010

Illustrations from the African Tarot, Albano-Waite Tarot, Ancestral Path Tarot, Aquarian Tarot, Archeon Tarot, Brotherhood of Light Egyptian Tarot, Celestial Tarot, Connolly Tarot, Crow’s Magick Tarot, Deviant Moon Tarot, Epicurian Tarot, Faerie Tarot, Fantastical Creatures Tarot, Fantastical Tarot, Fenestra Tarot, Feng Shui Tarot, Forest Folklore Tarot, Fradella Adventure Tarot, Gendron Tarot, Gill Tarot, Goddess Tarot, Golden Tarot, Haindl Tarot, Halloween Tarot, Hanson-Roberts Tarot, Herbal Tarot, Housewive’s Tarot, Hudes Tarot, Karma Tarot, Lord of the Rings Tarot, Lover’s Path Tarot, Medicine Woman Tarot, Medieval Cat Tarot, Medieval Scapini Tarot, Morgan Greer Tarot, Motherpeace Tarot, Native American Tarot, Navigators Tarot of the Mystic SEA, New Century Tarot, New Palladini Tarot, Old English Tarot, Pamela Colman-Smith Commemorative Tarot, Paulina Tarot, Phantasmagoric Tarot, Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot, Rider-Waite Tarot, Rock Art Tarot, Russian Tarot of St. Petersburg, Sacred Art Tarot, Sacred Rose Tarot, Spiral Tarot, Sun and Moon Tarot, Tarot of Love, Tarot of the Cat People, Tarot of the Cloisters, Tarot of the Moon Garden, Tarot of the Old Path, Tarot of the Spirit, Tarot of the Trance, Tell Me Tarot, Transformational Tarot, Undersea Tarot, Universal-Waite Tarot, Vanessa Tarot and Whimsical Tarot decks reproduced by permission of U.S. Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT 06902 USA. Copyrights by U.S. Games Systems, Inc. Further reproduction prohibited. The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck and Universal Waite Tarot decks are registered trademarks of U.S.Games Systems, Inc.

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