Hero’s Journey Tarot

Hero’s Journey Tarot
Created and Illustrated by Arnell Ando

Images used with permission.

The Hero’s Journey Tarot is the handmade copy of Arnell Ando’s original collage Tarot deck completed in 1994.  As she mentioned on her site, she has been in the process of painstakingly rescanning and refining the collage detail of these cards in Photoshop in the hopes that she may be able to offer an even higher quality version of this deck without altering the original collage concepts.  Well, I am proud to announce that I have one of these “new” decks in my hands, and I am grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to purchase this deck directly from Arnell.


The Hero’s Journey is the more wild and uninhibited older sister to her published Transformational Tarot deck.  She has an energy that is truly powerful and haunting and will take you to the depths of your psyche if you let her.  I, for one, cannot wait to take the ride.


To find out more about Arnell’s decks or to order a Hero’s Journey for yourself, visit Arnell’s website.