Aura-Soma Tarot

Aura-Soma Tarot
by Vicky Walls and Mike Booth
Illustrated by Phyllis Mahon

This is just a very small review, but I felt the need to write up a little something about this unusal tarot deck. The Aura-Soma Tarot was created, it seems, to be used in conjunction with the Aura-Soma technique, the language of color. The LWB included in the deck does not give any information about the art of Aura-Soma, but that’s not to say that you cannot use the deck without a knowledge of the Aura-Soma bottles.

These cards are very unique in that there is a traditional tarot image on one side (where you can plainly see the featured colors) and a dual-image on the backs. The top image is that of the corresponding aura-soma bottle, and the bottom is a secondary image, using the corresponding colors, of course.

Another variation in this deck is the number of cards. The traditional tarot deck has 78 images. This deck has 100 images, numbered 0 – 99 to correspond to the existing 100 aura-soma bottles. (Although I believe I read somewhere that there are now 104 bottles.) The extra cards also make the ordering unusual. We start with the Fool as 0: “Royal Blue/Deep Magenta. The beginning of the journey.” Then we go through the remaining Major Arcana from the Magician through the World, and end with another Fool, number 22. This Fool uses Yellow/Pink, and is considered the “Awakened Fool. Seeing in a new way.”

Then the ordering follows the Minor Arcana, with unillustrated pip cards, and then we go into yet another journey through the Majors. Only this time there is no Fool. Card 79 starts the Magician and ends with the World as card 99, But the images of this Major Arcana group seems much more etherial than the first journey.

The image samples I’m including here will show the front side of the card and below it the back of that card. The first set includes: High Priestess, Death, and The Star. The second set is Five of Wands, Six of Cups, and Queen of Swords. And the third set is The Empress (#81), The Chariot (#85), and The Tower (#94).

This is a very unique deck, and I’m looking forward to playing around with the colors. I also think I’ll order a book about the technique of Aura-Soma. I don’t know if it will enhance the deck at all, but I think this system is worth taking a look at.


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