Archeon Tarot

The Archeon Tarot

by Timothy Lantz

Published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

Some call this a dark deck.  Well, yes, the images can be rather dark.  But it is also a powerful deck that has surprised me with its depth and character.

“Beautifully rendered by artist Timothy Lantz, Archeon Tarot integrates art and iconography from the varied worlds of mythology, mysticism, and dream imagery to create a visual language of the soul.

“Derived from several sources, including ‘archeology,’ Archeon Tarot helps the reader sift through the layers of meaning and interpretations of life through the tarot reading.  The term ‘Eons’ refers to the divine emanations sent from by God as the attributes of mind, reason, power, truth and life.  ‘Archeons’ were the regents of civil and cultural affairs in ancient Athens.

“The companion booklet integrates words of wisdom from great minds like Twain and Tolstoy, with fresh interpretations of the Major and Minor Arcana.  Archeon Tarot allows the reader to explore the paths connecting the spiritual subconscious with real events and decisions.”

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Written 22/Jun/2005